Book A Session

Interested in booking a private session? Write me to discuss your options.

Although I am not a commercial photographer, I do on occasion accept commissioned projects as a means to help support my art.   Of course, it’s important to understand that as a commissioned shoot, your images are not used by me in any way, and are only meant for your use.

Here’s a little information on how it works:

A typical session is around 2 hours.  I would have several set designs, concepts and lighting schemes ready to go for a variety of looks.

For those that are not used to modeling, I prepare with several posing examples to help models get started.  As the creativity starts to flow, I welcome models to pose freely as they like.  It’s always an easy going and creative atmosphere, so one should expect to feel at ease and most of all, have fun!

If you are  interested in pursuing a shoot with me, please tell me a little more of your goals for such a project.  If  your goals are consistent with my approach, perhaps we can schedule a session.