Primal Performance

Whenever I work with the beautiful and talented Marlo  Dell’Antonio (model, actor, choreographer and dancer extraordinaire), I know I am in for an inspiring session.  She always brings wonderful ideas to the shoot, and our latest project was no exception.

Marlo has a love for the dramatic, so when she asked me if I would mind getting the studio a little dirty, I was certainly intrigued.

Inspired by the choreography of modern dance legend Pina Baush,  Marlo wanted to pay homage to Baush’s interpretation of “Le Sacre Du Printemps“.

After spreading several bags of potting soil on the studio floor, I set up some lights, backed out-of-the-way (camera in hand!) and became speechless as Marlo did her thing!

Her expressive performance was raw, powerful and positively primal.  Just what I would expect from this talented artist.

Without a doubt, every collaboration with Marlo has been amazing.  I look forward to future projects as well.

To view more images of Marlo’s performance, visit my Facebook page.                                                   Also on Google Plus!

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