Visions Of Xaina

It was April of 2008.  A group of local photographers and models got together throughout Detroit to create what we called the “Photography Jam Sessions”.

It involved fourteen photographers, fourteen models, eight locations over four days.  All the models and photographers planned out who they would work with, at what time and where.  From there, it was a collaboration of artistic visions that resulted in wonderfully diverse results.

Several of us met up at an incredible Bed and Breakfast for a day long shoot throughout the   property.  These images are just a small sample of the results from my work with the beautiful and talented model Xaina.

I first simply wanted to capture Xaina in various settings while allowing her grace to shine through.  It quickly became evident however, that Xaina was a bundle of energy and full of ideas.

We would start with a general concept, and just let the creativity flow from there.  It was a quick shoot, and I wish we had more time, but I was thrilled with the results.

For the following images, I simply had Xaina react to the music being played through the headphones. She really seemed to enjoy herself, and I loved capturing it all.  We called the series “Lost in the music”.

I call this next one “Through the Portal”. Xaina and I discussed portraying a ghost-like figure moving throughout a room. -The room itself being a passage to the spirit world.

We did some infrared photography as well.  I love the effect it had on Xaina’s hair.

Xaina’s enthusiastic efforts were a pleasure to capture. She really seems to love the process of taking on a roll and exploring the possibilities. I enjoyed every minute of our energetic session.

More results from my experience during the photographic jam session will be explored in future posts.

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